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Hello, I am Vivek Varghese Cherian, from Cochin City,which is located in the central portion of the beautiful South Indian state of Kerala.

I am an Entrepreneur, DevOps Architect, Polyglot Software Developer, Computer Security Researcher and Hacker, Artist, Independent Journalist, Activist and a member of AEA, IEEE, ACM, USENIX, SAGE, LOPSA,Associate member of The Free Software Foundation and The Electronic Frontier Foundation. I have a strong bend towards Open Standards and Free/Open Source Software.

I am a great admirer of The Hacker Ethics. I am the Founder of The FOSS India Collective, The FOSS Malayalam Project and the The Free/Open Source User Group Kochi

I support the idea of building online content based on the collaborative community wisdom on the lines of Wikipedia, and you can find links from Wikipedia throughout this site to make it user friendly for newbie netizens.

I use the GNU/ Linux Operating System, and Debian GNU/Linux is my favourite distribution, followed by CentOS,and I have written an article about my early experiences with Free Software which might be an interesting read especially if you are new to the whole idea of Free Software.

Some of the people I respect in the computing field are Richard Matthew Stallman, who started the GNU Project, Ken Thomson,John Gilmore, Prof.Eben Moglen, Shriram Krishnamurthi,Dennis M. Ritchie, Steve Wozniak , Lawrence Lessig and finally Linus Trovalds who as we all know wrote the linux kernel for fun and later released it under the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL) .

Most of the content on this site may be static for long periods of time. My Blog, Twitter, and Facebook, are likely to be updated more frequently though. To avail my professional services,please connect via LinkedIn. These are my Contact Details.

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